Wednesday, November 19, 2008


miss annie tagged me up.

the rules: fourth photo from your fourth folder (fun to say).

hernan, ryan and me outside of the church. hernan really likes that church building and i think he's the one that wanted it to be taken. i also think this was taken with his camera which makes me wonder how i got it (did you send this to me, hernan?).

anyway, a few things i'd like to say about this picture:

this was right before we got married. like within a week.

i look pretty foxy. amazing, i didn't even realize it. those were the days. . .

i tag: erica. crystal. tara. jenn. sister. my mom. and liz.

1 comment:

Hernan said...

I think I did send it to you… I miss California and those old days… I can believe it has already been 3 years since that picture.
Now you must have like 300 folders or more… but I am at the beginning, that’s cool.
See soon! (In days)