Thursday, November 5, 2009

introducing. . .a baby cat

ryan and i watched home videos on sunday night. in them we saw our cat, zuma, who was the recipient of all our parental energies due to the fact that he existed before ava and seth. then he ran away. since we live where we live, he was probably eaten by coyotes, but perhaps, just perhaps, he found a nice farm family up north and is spending his days catching field mice and bopping them on the head.

i think he probably is.

so after watching that cat sniff a brand new ava with suspicion, i went on craigslist. and found an ad. for free kittens. so ryan came home from work and i opened my mouth and ryan said, "uh oh. what is it?"

yeah, he knows me.

so i talked really fast, batted my eyes and threw in a charming smile for extra measure. and ryan laughed and said, "sure. get a cat."

he is the best husband. ever.

ava was thrilled. she was in the car bouncing around and saying, "we're getting a kitten! my daddy said yes. he is so nice. he is the nicest daddy. i love him. i love daddy, mommy, sethy and the kitten. but mostly the kitten. and daddy. because he said we could get it!"

i love how i am the advocate for the pet getting and all ryan has to do is say yes and suddenly he's the awesome parent. yeah, i'm a little jealous.

now we have a cat! and he's adorable!

a problem: ryan has issues with naming things. first of all, we have completely different tastes in names and secondly, he knew too many kids named ryan growing up. so if a name i suggest sounds like it just might have some sort of level of popularity, it's out.

so, dear readers, will you help us name this cat? because i'm dry and ryan wants to call it buddah, which i feel is a tad disrespectful. the thing is, if i can't find a name to replace buddah, then buddah it is.

please help me name our cat!


racheyroy said...

you could name it penelope. cory wants to name our daughter that. i said no. it was last popular in 1947. and the nick name would be penny. so i think you would be safe....if you like kind of sort of normal names for cats.

Annie of Blue Gables said...

yeah, we named a dog Goldie. It goes well with our last name Hahn

Hubby named the black cat Two AM
because everyone else names their black cats Midnight. He figured Two AM was darker than Midnight.

Another registered dog was named Glory Hallelujah. We called her Glory

He is good at naming things. I will forward this blog to him. Lets see what he thinks of. . .

redstarmama said...

Greer has no name to volunteer, but would like to communicate her abject jealousy that Ava's dad is not painfully allergic to cats, and that Ava is therefore allowed to indulge her kitten-love with that stripey little golden bundle of cuteness. Greer is completely infatuated, and yet, a kitten will never be hers. Tragedy!

Hernan said...

Matias, if I keep saying it, I might win over all the other BAD suggestion you are getting :) MATIAS!!!

taradise said...

It's about time you got another cat. It takes me a while to come up with an awesome name - but I do like the strange and ironic. Or something with a title, like Captain ---, Lord ---, you get the idea. Or just something totally human, like Steven.

I think I need to come over to see this new addition.

Jamie Pearson said...

I like the idea of naming it after candy. My friend has a bird spree. something like that is not harmful. Good luck

Crystal said...

I vote for Winston.

I was going to write, "I wish we had room for a cat," and then I remembered that you had one right above us, in an apartment EXACTLY the same size. So instead, "I wish I had the energy to look after a cat."

Morgan said...

Oh my! How precious is he? Miriam, you're making me want a cute little kitty of my own even though I'm deathly allergic. I'm still allowed to want one though, right?

I'm terrible with names (I mean seriously, I named my first hamster Little Fluffy), but I'll put in my two cents anyway. I have a friend with a cat that looks just like yours and its name is Tigger. I know that by naming your cat the same thing, you'd kind of lose the originality, but I thought it was cute. Just an idea.

Kari said...

he is cute. now I want a kitten, I wonder what my 2 other cats would think about that. We have an orange tabby named pumpkin. I know, real original huh. It was his name when we got him and it just stuck.

Shante said...

King Louie or Prince Phillip. I like the title thing obviously. My husband's cat growing up was named Shaka as in Shaka Zulu. Now that's a cool name.

Shante said...

Oh and don't name the cat Penelope because that's on our girl name list and that would be weird if you had a cat named Penelope and I had a daughter with the same name. giggle.