Tuesday, November 24, 2009

things seth did this weekend

1. dragging his blankee through the pile of dust, crumbs, cheerios, leaves, dirt, etc. that i'd swept into a nice pile on my kitchen floor. he did this on purpose. i know because he giggled.

2. helping my mother in law by grabbing glass items and running away with them. this was also done on purpose. i know because again, he giggled.

3. NOT hiking on the trail but instead, hiking anywhere else. like, the creek. or the poison oak. and guess what? he giggled the whole time. i think we can guess what that means. . .

4. collecting sticks and sword fighting with anyone else who happened to be holding a stick. or any bush that had sticks poking out of it.

5. dropping ryan's keys in the toilet. we can't be sure if he did this on purpose because ryan didn't discover it for a few hours and seth was asleep at the time of discovery. but, after living what we lived through with him this weekend, my guess is that yeah, it was on purpose.

6. also, this isn't so much as a story to tell, but more of a daily, no, hourly, occurrence in my life: he won't hold my hand. i mean, WON'T HOLD MY HAND. as in, would rather die than hold my hand. there is no way to guide that boy. i spend an awkward amount of time chasing and then an awkward amount of time trying to hold the wriggling, wiggling boy child who can sure kick well.

boys! they are a completely foreign substance and i find myself chasing after him with a growing feeling of desperation. how long can this possibly last? perhaps i've just discovered the reason why i am so tired all the time:
i'd offer you a view from the front, but it is a side of him i see seldom these days.


Amber Marie said...

maybe the boy just giggles and it isn't an indication that he's doing it on purpose?? :)

so i'm having a boy...now please tell me where you get seth's clothes because i like them a lot and i don't want weird boy clothes with dumb sayings etc.

Morgan said...

Boys. I'm beginning to think that they're all like this. Now what I'm still trying to figure out is how they mangage to be so cute in the midst of all of this trouble-making. Seriously. He's adorable even from behind.

And I owe you a huge thank you. Thank you (times about a million and one) for your comment. It did help. You're the sweetest.

Jamie Pearson said...

Hey you should get one of those little harnesses. They have ones with animals and have a little backpack. That way he can walk where he wants but only so far because you have him on a leash. My friend with twins has these and they are great. The best is when we tied the two leashes together and then the boys didn't know where or what to do. i highly suggest them especially when you don't want to chase him all the time. Good luck!