Tuesday, December 2, 2008

happy thanksgiving!

we went to san luis obispo, where my dad's family is. it is beautiful there. so beautiful.

i am grateful for extended family, their delicious food and the things i remember when i am with them. and i'm grateful for hernan, an honorary family member and photographing buddy.

i'm grateful for a day spent completely outdoors. i'm grateful for naps in the car, for barefeet and for trees. it's been too long since ryan and i hiked around some trees. i'm also grateful for animals. and cameras. and our future that someday will not involve nap schedules.

yes, that is my blankee. and yes, she stole it. and yes, seth is sleeping on the floor of the car. he wanted to be there, he told us.

and, of course, what would a gratitude post be without a picture of these fantastic folks?

excuse us, it's impossible for us to take a good picture. (i'm talking to you, small child with the finger in her mouth! seriously?)

what a fantastic holiday! when's the next one?


Amber Marie said...

Cute family picture! Sorry that your little girl stole your blankey- or was it just for that day? I put my blankey in storage a few days before I got married and haven't seen it since. Now I miss it!

Birgit said...

Miriam, it is a great picture. Beautiful poeple always have beautiful fotos!!

Aria Bethards said...

Hahaha...fantastic place for Seth's nap. He's getting nice and chubby! Can't wait to see him again in a few weeks.