Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i love the fact that ava adores seth, but she is just way too violent. i love the fact that she wants to pay attention to him, but geez! she's going to scar him for life with her devotion. she grabs at his face, pats (hits) him on the head, lays her body across his entire body, squeezes his cheeks, shrieks in his ear. . .

"ava, be careful!" i say (repeatedly), "seth is just a baby!"

"but mom," ava says, louder than necessary, "ava's a baby TOO!!"


Mari said...

Hi Miriam! It's Mari from your old park avenue ward. I found your blog from Krista's and I hope you don't mind if I add you to my friends!! Congrats on having another baby. Looks like things are going well from the 10 posts I read!

The Nurse said...

man, I'm constantly telling chas to leave her alone. He rolls her when she is on the floor and the rest of the time his 25 lb head is all upon her poor little body.