Friday, October 30, 2009

in honor of halloween. . .a list!

things i fear:

1. broyles from fringe. dude, i love the guy until the lights are out and i'm standing in the hall outside seth's bedroom thinking, 'why don't we own a shotgun?'

2. the crazy man who kidnapped elizabeth smart. terrified of him. every night before i kiss the children goodnight, i check to make sure their windows are tightly closed. then i go around and check all the doors. and it is him that i am thinking of. i also think, 'why don't we own a shotgun?'

3. a homeless man seeking shelter in my garage without telling me. don't ask. i have no back story.

4. a lizard taking a rest on my hair. go here for explanation. keep in mind that the writer of the tale is a dear friend.

5. being trapped under water. and then drowning (or, as some would say, "drownding" which i have to admit, sounds worse).

6. being stuck in an elevator. funny story: did not know that was a fear until i got stuck in an elevator in germany with my mother and my sister, who thought it was great fun and JUMPED. of course, the elevator shook. my reaction? i almost strangled her death. it was an accident. i still feel bad.

7. owning a shotgun. because the movie sixth sense? when the boy comes to the door and asks, "want to see where my dad keeps his gun?" and then he turns around? AND THERE'S NO BACK OF HIS HEAD (because he got shot)? THAT. IS. TERRIFYING.

um, of course the usual stuff frightens me, like the "my children are kidnapped" kind of fears, but that's not too terrifying for me as it would be for the person who kidnaps my kids. because then i'd have to go all vigilante on his ass. and believe me, i terrify myself when i think of the trouble i will bring to that person's life.

so those are some of mine. what about you?

happy halloween!


Manda said...

I'm taking this opportunity to publicly apologize for jumping in the elevator. If we're ever stuck in an elevator again, I promise not to jump.

Hernan said...

Old fair-wheels... those that you seat and you can see your feet hanging. Ugggh

Vampires! I know, I know they are not real... still.. Ugggh

A packed Subway station... when the subway is coming and you are right at the edge... Ugggh.

Amber Marie said...

i always think about why we don't own a gun late at night too...

and i know my blog is just like seriously so blessed. sorry. i hope you will still visit every once in a while :)

taradise said...

ALL things lurking in the ocean and lakes.

The homeless mentally ill who walk the beaches at night.

Nancy Pelosi.

Getting trapped in a small space. Especially with N. Pelosi.

Russia. And its mafia.

A passed expiration date on any food product.

Alligator lizards, obviously.