Wednesday, October 28, 2009

only funny to the mormons. . .(sorry)

holy cow, i actually snorted when i read this. that blog seriously so blessed has me first laughing because it's so hilarious and then groaning because i have read a million blogs JUST LIKE IT. i am hoping beyond hope that mine isn't one of them. . .because seriously? how awful would it be to feel scornful of YOURSELF?

on an unrelated note, i am hosting my very first giveaway from and you can enter to win a cute photo album from dwell studio by entering to win.

do it. when you win, you'll thank me.


Brittany said...

This is very funny, and a side note, I love the picture of you and Ava on the side of your blog page. So cute and full of love:)

Crystal said...

Maybe I just don't have enough dippy friends who blog, but Seriously So Blessed has never been funny to me. Does that mean I'm the dippy friend who blogs? Hmmm.