Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i'd like to register this complaint against my child

yesterday, seth was awful. like, i was getting a tour of all the gluten free options whole foods has to offer from a very enthusiastic whole foods employee and seth was doing everything in his power to deter me. like, taking off his shoe and throwing it. or nearly falling out of the cart, like, six times.

so, in the midst of his being awful yesterday, the boy kneed me in the jaw. and it hurt. it was an awful sort of pain that rang through the entire right side of my jaw and then moved into my teeth, then up next to my eye. finally, it settled in my right temple. and it stayed there. and i nearly died. the pain was massive, crippling. i couldn't open my eye, i couldn't talk. i felt like throwing up.

meanwhile, that awful child napped for only an hour and i had a magazine to proof read, a pr piece to follow up on, a photo shoot to arrange and a few phone calls to make. not to mention that the entire house was showing signs of my weekend insanity (i really did go insane last weekend. it was delicious). also, we might have to show up to my photo shoot naked because i really, really need to do the laundry.

guess what? ryan came home and watched the children for an hour while i held very still in our dark bedroom. and then, ryan's mother came and took the kids for the afternoon so i could continue to lay flat and ryan could get back to work.

it was wonderful. seriously, i wasn't quite sure how i was going to get through the day. what a wonderful, wonderful mother in law i have. she's so willing, so kind, so good. i am so grateful for her.

additional notes: the gluten free stuff isn't for me, it's for my mom. the doctors think she's allergic to gluten.

my weekend insanity resulted in: cinnamon rolls, waffles, wheat bread, banana bread, chicken noodle soup, fresh rolls, tres leche cake, chicken pot pie and plans for fresh butter. my friend cara has awakened the sleeping chef in me and i'm thrilled to see her again, although a little tired.


Annie of Blue Gables said...

I was just reading about Bill Watterson, the one who created Calvin and Hobbes. He was severely criticized when Calvin's dad remarks to his mom, "I wanted a dog, you know" when they had a particularly bad day with Calvin. I concede I have thought such thoughts, except, insert "cat or parakeet" instead of dog.
I hope you get feeling better. i am so sorry about your clobbering. And here you were, trying to do a good deed for your mom.
Bless your MIL's heart what a good woman. Get well soon.
Have you seen KT's cooking blog? She has become a cooking crazed woman too.

andrea gale said...

complaint noted. except for he is really cute so i look at the pictures you post of him and i have a hard time being mad at him. also i didn't get socked in the kisser so i am shutting up now. also you rock. there. that's it.