Wednesday, March 31, 2010

mother of year. i mean it.

today i got my mom on and made cupcakes. let me just restate that so you can appreciate it fully: I FREAKING MADE CUPCAKES.

now let me help you understand that statement: i am a maker of food, yes. but a maker of cute food? no. cake pops? not my thing. so when i sit down and say, "let's make cupcakes and then let's dye some coconut green and make nests on the top of cupcakes and take cadbury mini eggs and put them in the nests." you know i'm bored. and that maybe i have extra time on my hands? and some weird spurt of creativity that's not getting channeled into anything?

this all thrilled ava to the point of nearly sending her into cardiac arrest. the whole time she was like, WE'RE MAKING NESTS IN THE CUPCAKES? WE'RE PUTTING CANDY ON THE CUPCAKES? CAN I LICK THE BOWL? and i was all, of course you can. and then she nearly killed me with her gratitude. and then i felt like i was the best mom in the world.

what a rush. no wonder there are all of those mothers making cute little sugar cookies every holiday. these holiday treats? they make your children worship you. and here i've been, all this time, trying to get ava to just put on her freaking shoes so we can make it to the doctor's office on time. all i had to do was be like, hey! what if we made a log cabin out of licorice and pretzel sticks to celebrate abraham lincoln's birthday?

instant mother of the year award.

so after an afternoon of a small daughter who put on a little apron with gusto and stirred and tasted and licked and exclaimed with great enthusiasm i was feeling like perhaps i'd solved a few of the planer's problems. and ryan got home and i greeted him at the door with a giant cupcake topped with a mountain of coconut and some cadbury eggs and i was like, GUESS WHAT? I MADE CUPCAKES! AND THEY LOOK LIKE NESTS! WITH EGGS IN THEM!

and ryan smiled and said, "great." except it was like, great, you did something normal. so i pushed that cupcake under his nose and emphasized.


and his face barely flickered with interest.

sadly, at this point, my interest also faded and i registered that my huge project, yielding cupcakes covered in food coloring and chocolate had turned my kitchen in to a disaster area. over the next hour of clean up and small children coming off of a sugar high, i remembered why i never got around to making that house out of licorice and pretzel sticks: my children's willingness to worship isn't really worth the effort it takes to get it. maybe next year.

pictures to follow. if i can muster the strength.


Jamie Pearson said...

Jesse acts the same way when I get really excited about making something he always is just like great way to go. Ahh husbands. Thanks so much for the photography tips. Yeah that picture was taken in Shell Beach at the dinosaur caves that was a few months ago and now i'm back in NC. Oh and I love shooting in manual I shoot mostly in that unless I get really lazy. Thanks for the help

Jessica Brunette said...

I bet he'd been enthusiastic about that cupcake you slaved over if you'd greeted him in nothing but the apron! :) Just kidding! Sounds like fun - can't wait to see the pictures.

Brittany said...

If only Ryan knew the pure joy of admiration...I admire you and your cupcake ability...we attempted to make cupcakes for Valentine's Day and realized that we didn't even have a cupcake pan...but once we finally found one I realized that Hunter only liked the cake and Hazel only liked the was I that ate almost the whole no more cupcakes around here:) But this week we are attempting cake pops like easter bunnies...wish us luck!

Amber Marie said...

hey i remember that cake you made for your brother's birthday...or did your mom make that cake?? the hamburger one?

maybe i'll try this with camilla. she seems to be looking at me funny the closer we get to D-day!

miriam said...

Jessica- if I was dressed in only an apron I hardly think he'd be enthusiastic about the cupcake. but he would be excited.
Brittany- YOU are a cute and good food person. I have complete faith in your ability to produce a cake pop that is completely adorable.
Amber- That sugar cookie-cake-hamburger bit was my mother's idea. I was merely the assistant.

Manda said...

I love those cupcakes. I'm glad Ava enjoyed making them :)
This summer she and I will have to have cupcake making dates.

Morgan said...

That is too funny! I always talk about how I can't wait to have kids, and about how we'll spend all of our days baking and crafting and doing amazing things. Is any of it actually realistic? Probably not. I get the feeling that it's not so easy to spend all day, every day baking cupcakes with coconut bird's nests and chocolate eggs, and that it probably won't sound quite so appealing to me once I'm actually a mother and I have to deal with all of the stress and mess that goes along with all of the fun.