Thursday, April 8, 2010

this morning

6:30 this morning. I am shamelessly still in bed. ava and seth are not. ava runs to my bedside, grabs my arm and shakes it.

ava: MOM! sethy is eating the DOG FOOD RIGHT OUT OF THE BAG!!

me: ugh, that's gross. 

ava: GROSS!

me: SETH! GET AWAY FROM THE DOG FOOD!! (no response) ava, go shut the cupboard door so seth can't get to sam's food anymore.

ava: what door?

me: the door where the food is.

ava: in the bathroom?

me: yes.

ava: you want me to shut it?

me: yes, please.

ava: the cupboard doors?

me: yeah.

ava: both of them at the same time?

me: Yes.

ava: so seth won't be able to eat sam's food anymore?

me: yup.

ava: that's gross. right, mom?

me: ava! go shut those doors!

ava: O-KAY!! i'm doing it!


Aria said...

hahaha...yeah, the joys of owning a dog and a toddler. I've given up and Sydney now includes a few dog kibble into her daily food intake.

Krista said...

That made me chuckle. I love it.

Amber Marie said...

shamelessly in bed at 6:30am??? um I usually don't think about leaving bed till closer to 8am. of course i am 9 months pregnant so maybe that is why...