Wednesday, March 19, 2008

one, TWO!

ava can count to two. she does so with gusto. she loves pairs of things. she'll hold up her hands and say, "one, TWO!" it's hilarious. and adorable.

we go to the park every thursday with the other girls in the ward. there's only one little girl who is ava's age and her name is hazel. hazel is an adorable button-nosed fire-cracker. she has these hideous cowboy boots that are white with BIG red and white polka-dot bows on them and she wears them every day. EVERY DAY. she insists upon it. i've always thought that was funny and wondered when ava would have a preference for what she wore. yesterday, she finally did. she wanted to wear one white church shoe on one foot and one pink croc on the other foot. she wore these to the grocery store and then later, she put them on just to run around the house. i'm delighted that she has a preference. and i love how cute this little memory is.
there was this little girl i knew growing up from a homeschooling group, and her mom let her wear whatever she wanted. she always wore princess-y dress-up clothes. i loved seeing all of that individual personality being allowed to be expressed.


redstarmama said...

I would like to commend you for your ability to let Ava make her own choices. I am so obsessive-compulsive about things matching that I would never be able to take Declan or Greer out in public with mismatched shoes. You enjoy a freedom I can never feel, and I can only envy and live vicariously through you!

Liz said...

Hooray for Ava! Maybe she'll be a trend setter. I'm somewhere in between total freedom and control freak. I give Soren choices, but limit them. He's easy, though, because he always chooses the same shirt and heaven forbid I should actually need to clean the dang thing. :)

True story, Soren just came running in with the exact shirt I was just telling you about and said, "I think this one might be cleaned!" Yes, we are still in our pajamas. :) Shame on me.

Freckles said...

Yeah, I'm soo glad you let her wear what she wants! It is really fun to watch their imagination and choices! Some people think I am crazy for letting Kai wear the things he does, but I can say that his imagination is growing far more than other kids I know!!

I get strange looks from people when Kai wants to wear a Krispy Kreme hat and a towel around his neck to the park, but who cares! He loves it!

bird said...

that's what i've always loved about kai-- he is who he is. and that's what i've always loved about you, eve, you just accept it and laugh.

Freckles said...

Thanks for the compliment!!
So I am not a fan of McDonalds, but we got the kids a happy meal tonight and on the box it had Ronald in some funny clothes with words like "express yourself and wear fun clothes that you like." Or something like that. I thought it was too funny!

I love seeing kids in clothes they've picked out, you can always tell because they never match or they are wearing halloween costumes, but those kids have more self confidence!!