Wednesday, March 26, 2008

waste not, want not

as i browsed the aisles of target yesterday, i was thinking about all the things i do need. like organizational somethings (boxes? baskets? bins?) to take the chaos which is ava's closet and turn it in to order. it has sort of become this door in ava's room that i can lug crap over to, throw in, and never think about again. however, with the up and coming baby number two, i've been thinking about how i just might need that closet to be in some sort of order (or i'm nesting which is by far cuter than organizing). then i thought about all the things i don't need. like a diaper bag (which i bought). or baby bedding (didn't buy). or that bubble blowing toy which i didn't need, but absolutely love (there will be pictures, every household with small children needs one of these).

i completely despise the feeling of wanting something. i hate being hung up on stupid things that are unnecessary. i think it's because i feel like i'm wasting my time looking over the fence to admire the greener grass. why don't i just feel grateful for the baby bedding that i do have? what spoiled brat needs new baby bedding for every new baby (i am talking myself out of this baby bedding really fast).

and i hate seeing cute things that other people have and then wishing for cute things too. because really, i don't care that much. i don't know why i do this.

maybe my question is this, how can i better enjoy the things that i have? and how can i help myself want and need less? and how can i help my children want and need less? and how do i teach myself to not compare what others have to what i have?

does anyone have the answers to these questions?


Mike & Lauren said...

WOW, Miriam, you read my mind today! I haven't been to Target in over a month (despite my great love for it) because it raises these very feelings in me, and I also don't like it! I don't know what was different about this morning, but suddenly I felt an extreme need for new clothes and abhorrence for any clothes I do have. I decided to look at a few things online to see if there were any sales... and that just makes it worse. Because then I start making a mental list, like "next month I would like to buy this and this and I wish I could afford that". I agree, it is frustrating because I know I have a lot to be thankful for and I shouldn't care so much. But then I see so and so and she looks so cute, and of course nothing I have is that trendy. Ahhh! So sorry, I am afraid I don't have answers, besides avoiding stores altogether. Then you don't really know what you are missing.

eRiCa said...

first step...don't go to target...GASP!! :) No but answers here just feel like we're in the same boat. WHY??

Amber Marie said...

we have such similar inner struggles :) I have weeks- or a lot of the time it is a month at a time where i just have to stop buying, stop completely. It allows those wanting feelings to subside and center myself again. That is all I do, it sounds too simple but it works for me. It is a cycle though cause as soon as I start shopping it all starts again and then i go another month of being at home more and focusing on other more creative endeavors.

And I am a cheapskate, that is really what keeps my money in the bank ;) I think that is an inherited trait, not something that can be acquired. sorry.

Liz said...

Wow, loaded questions. I can't say that I'm much help either. In truth, I feel a bit sheepish reading this since I took a trip to Target just today and dropped $30 on totally unnecessary (but easily justifiable) knick knacks. If you find any answers, be sure to post them! :)

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

Hi Miriam,
Just catching up on your posts. I am embarrassed to say that my house is filled with that stuff, and I accumulated a LOT of things over the 34 years we have been married. I kept stuff "just in case". My Kt is always wanting to throw everything of mine away, like she does at her house. She stays organized, I admit. But I also end up using a LOT of the things she almost threw out, and I find uses for things she did throw out, and wishing she hadn't been so hasty.
I miss her, but on the other hand I am glad she has her own closets to clean now, and doesn't obsess as much on mine. . .
oh well. That is sort of opposite of what you were writing about, wasn't it?