Tuesday, October 21, 2008

impressions of idaho

before i went to idaho, my sister blogged about how beautiful it was. in fact, her blog title was idaho is beautiful. so i was excited to get up there, see a whole new landscape (that was beautiful) and take some pictures.

fact: idaho is not really beautiful. also, it is FREEZING!!! (but i'm really glad you like it there, amanda)

because of the temperature, i tried not to go outside, if i could help it. when i dropped my sister off at her apartment, she'd stand by the window and try to cement our next plans. but i wouldn't roll the window down. "call me on your cell phone from inside!" i'd shout through the glass pane.

so i didn't take any pictures. in fact, i pulled my camera out only once and that wasn't to take pictures of my sister, it was to take a picture of my friend hernan (or in english, click here) when he was meeting seth for the first time.

despite the weather and despite my lack of pictures, i had a lot of fun. the trip was short and i felt like i had to squeeze a lot in to such a small amount of time, but it was good to see amanda and it was good to be able to sit down and focus on her. for some reason, i feel like i haven't been able to do that for a long time (i think some reason is named ava). our goal is to have a girls weekend once a year (good luck to us).

my idaho observations:

idaho is flat. after i moved to utah i thought maybe california was flat, but no. it isn't. at all. idaho is.
everyone has a shed. sometimes two. they've got a lot to store in idaho.
it's windy in idaho. that makes it way more cold than it ought to be.
rexburg is where amanda's college is, idaho falls is where we landed. they are thirty minutes apart. and in between them is nothing (well i think it's nothing). but apparently, if you want to have some fun you should have a car because all of the fun is in idaho falls.
they are a museum happy people there. there's an idaho museum, a potato museum, a mud-river museum, a tv museum (because apparently the town of rigby, which could be more accurately described as a village is where tv was invented. it's a good thing, too. what do you do all winter when it's zero degrees outside?) and a bear museum.
there's also a park called bear world where you get on the top of these trucks and they drive you around the park and you look at deer, caribou and perhaps a bear. sounds safe (and fun).
there's a lot of wood piled up everywhere. i don't know.

i'm grateful my sister loves it there. it was awesome to see where she is so happy. i loved seeing her. but i don't want to live in idaho (really, at this point, i only want to live in california).


Aria Bethards said...

there's no place like home, huh? even with it's imperfections, california is heaven to me. and it's hard not to compare everything to heaven.

by the way, how's everything going with being moved in and mommy of 2? are you getting more sleep? when are Tommy and Ryan going to go into business together so we can move down to california?!

Aria Bethards said...

by the way, you're up early! you must have a newborn...

redstarmama said...

I agree about Idaho. All about it, actually. When I went to Ricks, I could feel my earrings freezing in my ears as I walked to school in the mornings. Yeah, not so much.

Mike & Lauren said...

I have to say I am partial to your sister's opinion of Idaho. Although Twin Falls is about 15degrees warmer and gets less snow. I guess the heart grows fond of home, no matter where it is. I do have to say I've seen more beautiful sunsets, thunderstorms, and raw nature there than anywhere else I have ever lived!

Krista said...

The first time I drove to Idaho by myself, I was sure I was lost. My directions said I should be in Boise within 3 miles, but I was driving through a whole lotta (you guessed it) nothing. At that moment an ad came on the radio, "The greatest thing about Idaho is you're so close to everything!" I burst out laughing out loud. Maybe Idahoans are deluded into thinking that Idaho is actually, say, Fiji. I bet it's something they put in the water.

Also. I know for a fact that the guy who invented TV was from Utah. I know this because while touring the Capital Building here in DC, I saw the corridor of statues of a famous person from each state. I was all excited to see Brigham Young, who would surely be featured as the famous Utahn, but he wasn't there. Instead they'd chosen the guy who invented tv. Apparently that was a far greater contribution to society. I can't believe Idaho claimed him for one of their museums! They really ARE museum-crazed! Maybe he invented it while visiting Idaho. On accident, surely. Probably he got lost while trying to drive to Boise.

I want to know if you ever attended the dance. You know, the one with the dancing mothers.

Hernan said...

I like Idaho! I mean... The Tetons are here, the north of Idaho seems incredible, The snake river... The little peculiar towns, etc... but yes... the between places is the nothing...

Manda said...

Despite there being a whole lot of nothing here, I love it (though I wouldn't say I love it enough to marry a guy form Idaho and be a farmer's wife for the rest of my life...). If the weather had been better, you would have been able to see it more. We have awesome sunsets and awesome clouds. This past week has actually been really warm, especially for late October.

Amber Marie said...

You just weren't there long enough. Idaho is the most blessed place on earth! I'm disappointed by your impressions of it. Coming from California into that kind of cold would do that though.

Freckles said...

I agree, I very much dislike Idaho and would never want to live there! I have made so many trips there during my years since my grandparents lived there. I am dis-satisfied with Utah too, come to think of it! : ) I would love to move! Natalie has had 3 sinus infections and the flu all in 4 weeks! Grrrr.