Thursday, October 16, 2008

progress report

we are mostly moved in. which, considering the two small children who like to tag team all day long for the attention of their mother, is just like being moved in. so, ladies and gentlemen, i am moved in.

and i worked at it all day yesterday and stayed up later than ryan (HUGE moment in our marriage. sadly, ryan was asleep and was not able to celebrate it with me) and even applied myself today and now the house is mostly clean. and again, with two small children and their monumental attention needs, that is clean. so, on top of being moved in the house is clean.

i am on top of the woman world right now, removing my yellow plastic dish washing gloves, wiping at that determined spot of spit-up marking my entire left shoulder and panting with the effort it took for me to climb up here. the view is fantastic. but i'm also very tired and think i won't be this amazing until christmas is over. because i just have to ask, is it really worth it? ava awoke this morning, had some drinkable yogurt for breakfast and ran to the couch to use it as her napkin. and i'd just wiped the entire thing down last night. i did not lose it on her (it can be whatever you'd like it to be).

anyone who'd like to come over should do so before ava wakes from her nap. who knows what the house will look like once she's moved through it to get a drink of water from her princess sippy cup.


taradise said...

When will you be having an unofficial, members-only house-warming party? I want to give my present to you.

PS - Happy Birthday month. Right? I can never remember the day.

Manda said...

Is Ava enjoying her new Princess barbie?

Birgit said...

I´d realy love to come over ... but as you know I can´t. But I´ll send Thomas with some presents! ;-))