Wednesday, October 15, 2008


thanks to miss mandy, i have an award.
and, since the rules are to pass it along, i give it to red star mama. funny thing about her: she's married to the brother of one of my very good friends, so i don't really know her. but through our blogs and hambly's countless, "you and jen would be really good friends.", i have come to know her better. she's funny, well-read, well-written and has good taste in music. every entry is a good entry. you should totally read her.

also, tara. one of the wittiest, most intelligent and interesting people i know (really). also, she's hilarious. and gorgeous. and single (forget about it, you're not worthy).


redstarmama said...

Thanks for the award, Miriam! And seriously, when I'm in town at Christmas, we need to hang out, for once. I mean it.

And also, I totally reciprocate all those nice things you said about me. I miss you when you don't blog!

birgit said...

I love your blog too. Thomas and my sister also read and love it!
So, please go on!

Hernan said...

This is an outrage!!!!

I just checked the awarded blogs...
yea yea yea...they are... nice.

Bells said...

Oh, I have been away from your blog for a long time. Tonight's visit reminds me that I must check in with you more often. I like the way you look at the world, blog award or no blog award.