Thursday, October 23, 2008

weekly guy

finally caught on camera. do you see that dimple? if he has curly hair all of my boy-child wishes will be fulfilled: blue eyes, dimples and curly hair.
it would be impossible for me to love him more.

also, today he is two months.


cara lou said...

Oh! He is so adorable! Love his dimple.

Aria Bethards said...

How sweet! What a cutie. Do you think he looks like Ryan? I can see some of him in there. Isn't it the best feeling when they smile?

AnnieBJ said...

Oh my goodness he's gorgeous!! Such beautiful children you have!

The Nurse said...

super cute! i haven't commented on your blog in ages. heh heh, sorry. i just have everyone on the google reader and never make it to people's actual blogs. he is super cute! i hope things are getting back to normal and you are loving life. :)