Wednesday, January 14, 2009

my time dried up

i had a bunch of spare time about five months ago. those were the "pre-seth" days. man does that kid turn extra time into time well spent on him! good thing he's so cute or else he'd be found on craigslist with a bow around his neck.

i also picked up a writing gig. i don't know how long that will last me (probably when she gets sick of trying to make my pieces work), but it sucks up whatever little amount of time i have left.

and finally, i got a month free at curves (woman gym) that i love, and i think i'm going to sign up for keeps as soon as my month is up. i have more energy and i feel like i'm doing something all alone for the first time in. . .well, a long time.

conclusion: my house is a wreck, this blog is neglected and i keep forgetting to take my camera out. it's a pity, you should see the amount of rolling seth is up to. he starts off on one part of the room and ends up in a totally different part. i'm proud, he's giddy and ava thinks it's a game.

sorry i'm not writing as much, i'll do my best.

ps grandparents, do not fear! weekly mouse and guy will continue for your grandchild viewing. even though we live five minutes away and you see them often. i guess you have to have something to look at while they nap, right?


Amber Marie said...

your working out at a gym? hm, maybe I'll give it a whorl too.

Amber Marie said...

hey, can I really print that rose picture? I love it and would love to have it hung up somewhere in our house. I'll even sign your name in the corner!

I posted a month or so ago about our house. It isn't decorated really but it looks semi like a real house and not a hole in the wall :)

Amber Marie said...

And I would come and visit you if I got that house, of course!

In fact I should have visited you recently, honestly I forgot that you were in California- I'm so use to being in Texas and you in Cali that I don't think about you being here (I am in Cali but now leaving for Utah for a funeral)...that doesn't make sense. I haven't seen Tara either so don't feel left out...I don't think I have seen her since...more than a year ago.

carol said...

What's the writing gig?

Rebekah said...

Love checking in and seeing your beautiful photos. Inspiring. Love the "my time dried up" line. SO CLEVER. :)