Wednesday, January 21, 2009

so very naked

we are at the tail end of our potty training.

and when i saw "our" i really mean "ava".

i know that this is a hectic, crazy time when it's you versus the potty and parents want to cry and stop rubbing defecation out of their carpet and i know that i should probably be documenting this all very closely and telling you all of the funny stories that come out of it, but. . .there hasn't been much, to be honest.

this potty training has been uneventful and boring, sad to say (and i was so looking forward to the writing material it was going to provide, too).

potty training began when ava asked for it and i couldn't put her off any longer. perhaps i'm one of the few moms out there who would rather just change diapers the next several years of her life instead of look down and see my child performing the potty dance someplace public. i'd rather not be inconvenienced, you see.

so ava's using the potty and i'm avoiding target. so far, so good. except that i have her naked almost all the time we're at home so she can quickly go potty if she needs to and many, many people have seen her naked little bottom galavanting around our yard. this, of course, does not bother her at all. i don't know how the neighbors feel.

when lucy, the neighbor's daughter, came over to borrow an onion, ava stood there, more naked than the day she was born and shakin' what god gave her in her excitement over lucy's arrival.

"hi lucy!" she sang, "i'm naked!" lucy's wide eyes slid to mine. i think she wanted to see if i had noticed.

"yes," i agreed with ava, as i handed the onion to lucy, "you're naked."

so lucy is five, and i think this answers the question that ryan is constantly asking, "at what age does a child feel embarassed about being naked?" (because ava loves her nakedness and i prefer her nakedness. she's much easier to clean off that way)


Amber Marie said...

I will change diapers forever too and I don't have a problem for it. Camilla loves it too so we are good to go.

Good luck with the nakedness. Ryan still has not moved past that stage.

Erica said...

I'm definitely applying to places in Southern Cali so if they pay me a lot maybe I'll live near you!! Fun.

And I loved the Other Boleyn Girl. I don't know why it sucked me in the way it did, but all I wanted to do was read it. Maybe cause the movie was so amazing - if you haven't seen that you should