Tuesday, January 6, 2009

new and not improved

remember toddler ava? you know, short, blonde hair. loud. well, her visits have become more and more frequent, which was fine, i was coping, until she started bringing a new friend. meet preschooler ava.

preschooler ava is tempting me very much to actually put her in preschool (an institution i see as meaningless) due to one word: why. it's amazing the power this word has. when slipped into a conversation repeatedly, it makes me want to commit suicide. i mean, does the government know about this?

yoo-hoo, china! WHY?

so preschooler ava comes over and wants to have it out with me, and i indulge. mostly because i can't help myself. it's my button and preschooler ava's pushing it.

"ava, you need to take a nap."


"it's time to go to sleep."


"it's what we do everyday."

"why, mom? why?"

this goes on until i think, 'i don't have to answer these questions! i am the mom!' then i stand and bellow, "OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, CHILD! JUST GET INTO BED!!" this is when she jumps into bed, pulls the covers over her body and shouts, "OKAY, MOM! I'M COMING!!" except you know what? she wasn't coming. i watched her the whole time. she didn't move until i lost it. why is she doing this to me? i used to think, 'i never did this. i always listened to what my parents told me.' (no, i didn't. i just have a very high opinion of my child-self)

which leads me to this new problem: being a parent has made me feel so guilty for things i have done in the past. it has caused me to bring up certain instances and apologize.

like all those times when you told me to knock it off and i just kept doing it and explaining myself to you? I AM SO SORRY. THAT IS SO ANNOYING.


The Nurse said...

man,i know what you mean. i totally appreciate my parents more especially because i was pretty stubborn as a child. luckily my kid is also stubborn. lucky me right? well, i guess i just get what i gave to my parents. good thing i was an okay teenager, right?

Hernan said...

I think we all were a little devilish when we were kids... (Sort of provin Froid's theory)
When I was about 6 my brother and I were playing volleyball and he was winning and making fun of me because I was afraid of the ball (He was shooting really hard)

At one time it happened what I was afraid, the ball went straight to my nose and it made it bleed.

My brother started making fun of my even worse.

So I told him what any 6 year old would say "I will tell on you to mom!" (He lough)

I went to tell my mom but before I washed my face with the blood of my nose...

All what I had to say to my mom was the truth. that my brother this this. (my brother was grounded for like a month)

Amber Marie said...

so true. made me laugh, thanks.