Friday, May 8, 2009

5 things

do you see the love in his face? he's looking at his sister.

5 things that give me happiness:

1. when seth gets up in the morning and i sing the good morning song to him and he gets so excited his face nearly cracks in half.

2. when ryan gets home from work and ava shouts, "daddy! my daddy's home!" and runs to give him a hug and he nearly melts all over her.

3. the way my legs feel after i've exercised.

4. cooking. or baking. especially when it turns out well and i feel that satisfaction that comes with having created something.

5. drinking tea with milk and honey.


redstarmama said...
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redstarmama said...

Are you sure we aren't the same person? I agree with all five. Once in a while my life aligns perfectly, and all five happen at the same time. Is that what they mean by nirvana?

Manda said...

I definitely agree with 3 and 4 (as well as the others, but I figure I'll understand the first two better when I have children and I've never tried milk in my tea...)

I especially love the way my legs feel after I exercised. Like right now, I just got home from the gym :)

p.s. you know those red velvet cookies I made for valentine's day? I made them on Sunday but with devil's food cake mix instead. I liked those a lot more. You should try them!