Monday, May 25, 2009

costco pound cake

i don't know what IT is, but costco pound cake is where IT'S at. is there anything better? anything more more moist? anything more filled with that smooth, delicious butter flavor? how could you even consider baking something without real butter when this pound cake is the perfect example why all things MUST contain butter? and what would you do on a summer's evening when you're surrounded by friends, a barrel of fresh strawberries and another of fresh whipped cream? what could you possibly substitute that coscto pound cake for?


ava agrees with me because at this moment, she's holding her slice in one hand and wildly gesturing and speaking with her mouthful to the walls of our house. i'm not clear on the words, but i know she's talking about this cake and urging our walls to go out and get some NOW.

it is a favorite.


Shante said...

oh yum, now I really want some.

carol said...

Just curious here...the date stamp on your post says Monday, May 25, 3:40 a.m. Was Ava really gesturing with pound cake at this hour? Do you people never sleep? Can I come over and have strawberry shortcake with you?

Amber Marie said...

Gosh, I wish we had costco!

taradise said...

1- I concur.
2- I feel like that, except 10 times stronger, about their round-chocolate-PF Changs-knock-off-cake.

miriam said...


please come over for strawberry shortcake. bring the family! and ava was not up at 4 am, i wrote it the night before and made it post for the next day.

and amber,

no costco? where do you go to get your salad in a bag for $3.00? and a package of toilet paper so big your daughter thinks you've bought a bed for her?