Thursday, May 7, 2009

mr. president

so president obama has been in office for some time now. and ava has finally taken notice of this. and has embraced him openly. she simply thinks he's great and spends a great amount of our dinnertime telling us what barack obama has been up to lately.

"how is barack obama?" ryan will ask.

ava will give her little mouth a sympathetic little twist and reply, "he's sleeping. he had a hard day." or "he's feeling kind of happy right now. he went to swimming lessons."

she feels no affection for biden, however and will not acknowledge the man when we mention him.

"did he have swimming lessons with joe biden?" i ask. no reply. after staring right through me for a moment, ava tells me,

"barack obama is feeling sleepy. he's gone to bed."

and later, in the car, ava announces, "i read a book about froggies."

"oh yeah?" i ask.

"yeah, i read it for three hours."

"really?" i ask, impressed.

"and barack obama read a book about giraffes. he loves giraffes."

i know the man (i mean, president) has his own twitter account, but i find ava's updates far more interesting.


Shante said...

I wouldn't acknowledge Joe Biden either. Ava must be pretty smart :)

Sally said...

Oh, my gosh. Is Ava a . . . DEMOCRAT????

KandyLane Photography said...

This is so amazing! I say you write a letter to the white house! You never know...she just might meet they friend of hers :-)

Sheri ~ The Joyful Mystic said...

Out of the mouth of babes...children are so very perceptive. They see what adults can't.