Tuesday, May 12, 2009

this is seth

i know.

i can't remember too well, but i just don't remember enjoying ava this much. that is saying a lot, since i distinctly remember enjoying ava greatly. seth is such an enjoyable thing for me. i just adore him. and i know that should go without saying, but i have to admit that i am continually surprised by the amount of love i feel for this boy. perhaps i doubted my ability to love another as i loved ava. well, i do. i love seth as much as i love ava, but i love seth because he is seth, just like i love ava because she is ava. and i just love them!

for awhile now, boy child has been crawling backwards. this results in many a tear and a great amount of frustration. you can just see it on his face as the object of his desire continually moves further and further from him. he'll stop, rock back and forth, focus so hard on moving forward he'll actually shake, then crawl backwards. this means he ends up under beds, in corners and in the wrong room. ava finds this greatly amusing. i find it completely adorable.

he has also learned how to pull himself up so he's standing. this is great because it allows him access to all sorts of lovely forbidden objects. the only problem is the fact that once up, he cannot get down. well, that and the fact that he knows where certain desirables are kept but he can't get to them since they require forward motion.

and just last week he put two and two together and began his movement forward. now all is at his pudgy fingertips. he can gain access to the remote control and, my personal favorite, crawl after me and climb my pajama pants until they fall down.

this, of course, means i am discovering that although two years ago my house was babyproof, it is no longer that way today. seth and i race to see who can discover all of the tiny things on the floor and dispose of them the fastest (i throw them away, he just eats them). a friend of mine said that once her son started to crawl she felt like her job became to simply keep him alive. if seth doesn't choke on one of cinderella's tiny little glass slippers, then he'll choke on the button he found under the couch. on the positive side, he's the one making the floor underneath the dining table so messy and now, he's the one keeping it so clean. it's not too gross to let your baby eat the cheerios from only an hour earlier is it?i tell him if he keeps all of this growing up, i'm going to have to have another baby (and i'm not ready to). i think it must be the saddest feeling to know you are holding your last baby.

i think i'm going to write this down as a reminder to myself for later: you love being a mother. you were made to form your children and then hold them.


redstarmama said...

I'm going to remind myself of your reminder. Especially while I wait for my third child to come to me.

Also, that kid is adorable. And I think there is a 3 hour statute of limitations on under-table Cheerios.

Aria Bethards said...

I wish I could see Seth do the crawling backwards thing! I feel like I can relate to so much of these posts about Seth. Sydney's just exploding with new skills, and I can barely keep up with her. I have no idea where she finds all the tiny knick-knacks and bits of trash that she quickly stuffs in her mouth, but she continues to find these treasures as I race after her to take them out. Being a mommy definitely keeps you on your toes!