Monday, January 18, 2010

chatty kathy

so, new phase! proof that yet again life moves on. and on. the new phase is to constantly be talking, even if you're eating. and, should your mouth be too full and should your mother have banned from speaking with your mouth full, you can simply chew as loud as possible. because i don't think the point of this phase is really to say something, i think it is simply to say anything, and if it's just strange noises, SO BE IT. 

i am ready for the phase to pass. i 'm tired of a little 3-year-old companion who doesn't know how to shut up, even when i start shouting, "THE NOISE! THE NOISE! PLEASE STOP THE NOISE!"

i know this because she merely observes my insanity, blinks and says, "you shouted, mom? you shouted? you can't take it anymore? you're tired? you think i talk too much? me? i don't talk TOO much! i just talk like a little girl! if seth was a little girl, he'd talk like me but he's just a little baby and he's DISGUSTING and. . ."

well, you get the point. 


Amber Marie said...

haha, not only is she gorgeous but so so smart. good luck!

The Strong Family said...

so funny! cole is like that now. i am like please let me go pee without telling me 5 million different things and asking 10 million different questions!!

redstarmama said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I can empathize so very heartily. And I can also tell you that you must be glad that your noise does not include the incessant chatter of a Wii-obsessed six-year-old, as counterpoint.