Friday, January 1, 2010

christmas eve

it was ryan's idea. and boy, was he enthusiastic about it. i, i will admit, was a bit apprehensive. "what is there to do in solvang?" i asked.

ryan was not to be deterred. "lady, i'm danish! those are my people! they will welcome us with open arms."

well, that didn't happen. but we had a good time all the same. i mean, there are danishes in solvang, so who wasn't going to have a good time? and i discovered something called a cinnamon crisp. and after i "shared" with my family, i went right back in and bought two more. because they are delicious. we hiked, we ate, we looked at a statue of the little mermaid and we accosted a metal statue of a bulldog.

also, did you know that there's a miniature horse farm out there? A MINIATURE HORSE FARM (click for pictures). guess what animal i've added to my list? yeah, right underneath donkey (which is underneath an elephant and, i don't know if you knew, but i'm also going to one day have bees and yes maybe i have a problem).

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Birgit said...

as always - bautiful pictures.
My parents in law went to solvang when we were here. Nice little town.