Monday, July 7, 2008

meet toddler ava

this weekend i met someone i thought i knew already: toddler ava. funny thing is, all those times i'd encountered who i'd thought to be toddler ava was really just grumpy baby ava. this new toddler ava came over for the fourth of july weekend. i hope she's left because frankly, i don't like toddler ava all that much.

you know, they look so similar, i wouldn't really have been able to tell much of a difference except one big thing: toddler ava SCREAMS. and kicks. and flails. and WILL NOT BE CONTROLLED. also, she has a hidden agenda and she won't tell us what it is. we have to guess. it's toddler ava's favorite game.

some of the rules that we have figured out so far:

1. do NOT look at toddler ava.

2. do NOT laugh in toddler ava's direction. this will be interpreted as laughter at her and will not be tolerated.

3. no snuggling, hugging, kissing or cuddling unless toddler ava says so and then you must do it RIGHT AWAY and STOP IMMEDIATELY when she's ready. unfortunately the only way to tell that toddler ava is ready is by a loud scream emitted DIRECTLY INTO YOUR EAR.

4. while you are not allowed to not look at toddler ava, you are also not permitted to ignore her. DO NOT DO THIS.

5. if she doesn't like the fact that you have told her not to do something, she will do it anyway. get over it.

all in all, there were a few times ryan and i looked at each other with complete exhaustion in our eyes and held hands because we weren't sure toddler ava was ready for us to talk to each other yet. i'm so glad he was there. i'm not so sure he was.


Mandy said...

This made me smile. I LOVE reading your blog, it is so cute and your fmaily looks so happy! I am so glad we can catch up via blogging....who would have thought we would both be where we are now a few years ago?? Ava is absolutely precious...even when you describe her toddler ways. And don't worry, now I just laugh at DC crazyness.

redstarmama said...

We should get Toddler Ava and Evil Greer together. There could be some serious world domination in the works! G8 look out!

Bug said...

Oh no... thanks for the warning about toddler Ava's. My Ava is definitely starting to develope a mind of her own. I liked it better when it was completely controlled by ME. I like control!

Bethany said...

Ah yes, our house has been visited by Toddler Amanda lately. I think this is the 3rd incarnation and is the worst by far. The kicking and the screaming is horrible, especially when she's out just with daddy. And no one should have to potty-train a Toddler.