Wednesday, April 1, 2009

dear breastfeeding,

we've had a rough relationship, you and i, what with the children being born weak and not able to start off with you initially.

and then that whole drippy, leaky, swollen bit followed by the biting and the engorgement and the fact that i had to nearly undress myself every time my child wanted to feed while we were out in public.

it has come to this: you're nothing but drama and i want to break up.

sure, there have been good times: quiet moments when all is peaceful and seth's little body is curled around my own. and i really love the thought of all of that superior nourishment is coming from me. i love the feeling that comes with having done something hard, knowing that i won the battle.

but really, there's been a lot of less than stellar moments. for example, the arrival of seth's baby teeth and his jumping at the chance to try them out on me. and frankly i'm sick of the dripping, leaking, squirting and feeling sticky and sour. i'm ready for my body to be my own again.

so, farewell, breastfeeding. it's been real. maybe we can stay friends.



Jeremy Nelson said...

Breast feeding is over-rated! I never really liked it much either, but we were so poor I didn't really have a choice. I am loving bottle feeding Nicole, loving that Jeremy gets to do it just as much as me and that I don't leak and stink. I especially like the feeling that everyone in the family isn't needing some part of my body! : )
Good for you, do what you feel is best!

P.S. I really love your slideshow on the sidebar!!

Freckles said...

I hate it when Jeremy uses my computer. Sorry, that was me!

Amber Marie said...

my friend that just gave birth 2 weeks ago quite this past weekend. it is a pain. i remember when you had ava and I had camilla and I was so jealous that you were bottle-feeding. the whole nursing thing was so overwhelming! I'm glad you were able to do it for a while. Good luck getting him to take a bottle :)

redstarmama said...

I have absolutely no guilt over the fact that I have bottle-fed both my children and intend to bottle feed the next one. I was bottle fed, and I think I'm pretty ok.

Go for it. It's the easiest break-up you'll ever go through!

pillpotblankies said...

OH Miriam...can I just say that your candid thoughts are fabulous. I think most people would utter the same if they had the courage to speak out loud. What will I do when your life is not full of funny moments for me to relate too?