Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"oh those boys are much too much. . ."

found this on kari's bloggity-blog. she said the commercial made her laugh/almost cry and i didn't get it until i watched it.

dad's are important and if you didn't have one, who would push you on the swings? or sing you songs at night? or throw you in the air? or make you ride the rollercoaster even though you said you were scared, but took you on anyway and you were scared and after that you HATED rollercoasters?


hooray for fathers.


bethanyr32 said...

I LOVE that commercial! It always makes me thankful that my husband will do the silliest things with my girls, even to playing girly things with Amanda, just because it makes her happy. Dads are great.

Erica said...

that commercial made me cry when I first saw it.

Brothers do those things for you if your dad doesn't. Paul actually took me on my first rollercoaster and I ended up loving it-he was terrified though that I was going to fall out of the harness because I was so little.

Anonymous said...

We love this commercial.