Monday, August 17, 2009


so, congratulations to me for getting this far with a weekly habit. and here's my 100th picture, a moment i captured in mammoth. this is my brother-in-law, justin and my little niece, davis. justin is one of the most doting fathers i've ever seen. he also has an amazing ability to soothe any child he touches. just moments after i shot this, davis was fast asleep, her daddy curled around her little finger.


Danielle Hermansen said...

This is ABSOLUTELY precious. Love Love Love It! You captured a great moment.

Morgan said...

This is just so precious. Beautiful lighting. I say that a lot, I know, but I really think that you've got an amazing eye for gorgeous lighting. That's something that I need to improve on. It's one thing to recognize a beautiful moment and take a picture. The perfect lighting and composition (you're very good with that, too) make all the difference. You're a natural, Miriam.