Friday, August 21, 2009


i mentioned my thing with babies, and of course, after seeing this baby, i was fighting my urge the entire time. do you see those eyes? DO YOU SEE THOSE EYES?? good heavens. those eyes. and, actually, his hair. and his cheekss! oh! his cheeks! delicious baby.

i've learned a few things about photography this year. one of those things is the "feeling" of the subjects spill out of the picture and into the hearts of the people who look at them. so if a family is in love, i don't really have to do much, i just take the picture and do some editing. and then everyone who looks at it has a "love experience". i think. i do, anyway.

this family was one of the easiest shoots i've ever done because this family just loves each other so well. and watching them all help one another, smile at one another, play together and lovingly touch one another warmed my heart.

and now, i've decided that i'm going to be more loving like them. and also, that i love that baby.


Morgan said...

Beautiful work, as always. I can definitely feel the love when I looks at these. I love what you said about the feeling of the subjects. I think you've just inspired me to write a post about this, so thank you for that!

amanda thiessen said...

so cute!!!

Natalie Norton said...

The philosophy behind it is great... but the pictures are not... keep it up! Maybe some day.

Katie Fish said...

Aw, thanks Miriam!

Hernan said...
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I'm Natalie. said...

I found the comment you were referring to. . . I DID NOT LEAVE THIS COMMENT. My link back always links to my blog. I don't know who wrote this but I am absolutely furious. I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER have written anything even remotely in the realm of what this comment says. OH! I am fuming. I am so sorry for the confusion and so sorry about this. I am going to publicly address this on my blog if you don't mind. I would love to use the link directly to this post if you're willing or if you'd rather stay anonymous that's totally fine as well.

OH! I'm ready to punch my fist through the wall. :/ grrrr.