Wednesday, August 19, 2009

brand new baby

brand new baby is the best. i say that like it's something you can buy in a store and eat after a long day and your children are finally in bed and then you can climb into bed with your blankee and an episode of arrested development and a spoon and just savor it all. . . but that would be ice cream. or dibs. have you tried dibs? try them. brand new babies are to humans what dibs are to ice cream.

so this brand new baby comes over to my house and all i want to do is send the rest of his family away (even though they are cute, too) and curl up in bed with him and just eat him like a dib. so i picked him and started back toward my room only to discover that his family was coming too. because they knew a good thing when they saw one and they weren't about to let me go in the bedroom and savor the dib without them.

really it was rather unfair because they can have him whenever they want and i'm stuck here with an enormous former dib and a toddler (no frozen dessert comparison avaible for her at this time). i ate my dib. i want theirs.

so i took pictures of him instead. and now, late at night when my little motherly heart starts feeling the craving for brand new baby, i pull these pictures out and drool.


pillpotblankies said...

Your pictures are beautiful...they capture the emotions of the miraculous event in life, a new baby. We hope we can steal you for some pictures come January?

redstarmama said...

Excuse me while I wipe the drool of the keyboard. I've been craving dibs for quite some time now! Beautiful photos! Darling dib, I mean baby!

Also, completely irrelevantly, could you please send me your address? The Greer half of the daughter we pretty much share is having a birthday in Simi Valley, and the Ava half needs to be invited.

miriam said...


are you kidding me? of course i'll take pictures of your little henry! i'd love to. And i have so many ideas running through my head right now, too.

let's get together! it's been way, way too long!