Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 biggest, brightest, mostest

biggest accomplishment: how about the fact that i started my own business? that, or the fact that i managed to wash my car SEVERAL times. i mean, that doesn't really last very long, BUT IT HAPPENED.

favorite news story: probably obama winning the nobel peace prize. so meaningful and yet, so not.

best pet: buddha. those chickens were neat-o mesquito and they made me the coolest house on the block in the small children department, but buddha sleeps with me at night.

best way to blow all of our money: ava's trip to the er.

most stylish: ryan. because he found a pair of shoes that totally fit him and a belt in his cubicle that had been there for who knows how long. since no one claimed them, he got them. when his coworker saw the new shoes he said, "dude, those shoes are pimpin' hard."

most likely to succeed: anchor and bird photography.

most popular: ava. sorry, seth, but you poop far too often for us to consider you most popular.

most snuggly: that was a close one between ryan and seth, but since seth is more clingy, i'd have to say seth. sorry, ryan. perhaps you should try crying whenever i leave you to win next year.

best read: bleak house by charles dickens.

worst read: austenland by shannon hale. just plain weird. i didn't know what to feel about what she was doing.

best discovery: the habit.

favorite celebrity: barack obama. am i right?


Jo Ellen/Toots said...
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Hernan said...

best Guest of honor? Hernan! Who else... am I right or I right?