Monday, December 14, 2009

point taken

first of all, i guess i should admit that yes, i am the one who bought her cat a santa suit. to be fair, though, it was ava's idea. and it was such a good idea, i had a hard time saying no. plus, it was only a dollar. so i put it on what i consider my good natured cat, and he spends the rest of the day anxiously awaiting the opening of the back door. well, to be honest, any door. as if he just couldn't wait to get away from us. and i was all, "really buddha? really? one santa suit makes you that miserable? do the words ANIMAL SHELTER mean ANYTHING to you?" and he was all, "of course not, miriam, i'm a cat."

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redstarmama said...

There are few things as likely to coax a wicked chuckle from me as animal clothing. And that Santa suit kills me. I love it.