Thursday, December 31, 2009

a year in review

to celebrate the successful end to the year 2009 (meaning, we're all alive at the end of it AND we all have our limbs), i'm going to list some of my favorite entries and pictures. i know, great, right?

1. putting a package of disney stickers to good use

2. ava's tummy hurt. now mommy's head hurts

3. dear breastfeeding,

4.big kicks and big ice cream scoops!

5. where i was on monday

6. discover your personality today!

7. ah-ah-alimony

Favorite Picture of Ava: 102

Favorite Picture of Seth: go sleep little baby

Favorite Picture of Ryan: beach boys

Favorite Picture of the Year: 57

to all of you who actually read this thing, thanks for hanging in there. perhaps one day you'll get something out of this. like maybe one of those to animals where you put candy in it and then you push a button and the candy comes out like the animal's pooping. because honestly? i can't think of a time where that's gross or tacky. and isn't that one of those things that everyone should own? like a toothbrush?

anyway, thanks for being here. and here's to an eventful, yet successful (and again, i'm talking non-death and all limbs intact) 2010.


Jennifer said...

I hope you have a fantastic 2010!

Jessie said...

Don't worry, I enjoy reading your blog. It's fantastically witty and funny... and somehow inspiring because it's so down-to-earth honest. (other mommy blogs make me sick with their perfectness)