Monday, December 7, 2009

what seth did this week part 3

1. he pooped everywhere. like, everywhere. either that, or he just pooped in one spot and transported all of his poop to other places. and he smeared it. like, in his hair. it was a time when i wished for a strong hose with which to clean him off. but that sounded mean, so i wiped what i could and bathed the boy with strong smelling soaps and hearty disinfectants.

2. he climbed a wobbly table and danced on it. then, he fell off.

3. he went to let the cat out of my bedroom and somehow, ended up locking himself in.

4. he sat on santa's lap and FREAKED out.

5. he climbed out of his crib after a nap and scared me half to death by greeting me at the door when i went to go get him up.

6. he challenged me to a duel while we were out hiking. i accepted.

7. on the one day his blankee smelled so foul i couldn't take it another minute, he became both sneaky and attached. so when i got it away from him, he somehow managed to get it back. it was distressing. it also postponed the cleaning of the blankee for two days. TWO DAYS.

mothering a boy is more active than mothering a girl, but i have to say that i really am loving it. i guess i thought i wouldn't. but it is so amusing to watch seth's brain and see how different it is from ava's.

an example: we have chickens. and both kids want to hold the chickens. so ava gets one, and she holds it. she just sits with the little hen on her lap, stroking her feathers. when seth gets one, he's content to just hold the thing for a second and then, you can see him look around, the wheels in his head turning. and then, he'll do something. like put the chicken in the stroller and try to push it around the yard. or put it on the bike. or try to lock it in a cage and feed it pieces of grass.

i love seeing the differences in my children, i love watching them grow and develop. what a fascinating thing it is to be a mother!

pictures from out adventures at the skirball cultural center tomorrow


Amber Marie said...

ah boys. yes, i remember my mom saying that the difference between boys and girls is that a girl will walk down a hill- a boy will roll down in his Sunday best without a thought or care as to ruining his clothes :)

Anonymous said...

See, he sounds just like my granddaughter. I don't think it's a boy/girl difference as much as it's a too different people difference.
But that's just me.
See you soon?

Anonymous said...

And by "too" I mean "two." (Yikes)

Amber Marie said...

hey, so in a pic on your photography blog there is an up-close picture of your daughter, black and white and she has a flower headband on...does that fit her or is it yours? I have been trying to find some headbands like that for camilla. do you remember where it is from??