Wednesday, December 2, 2009

photo by hernan bogado


Hernan said...

WOW! What an AMAZING picture!!

Amber Marie said...

that is soo cool! so cool.

Morgan said...

So I'm scrolling down and I come to this picture. One inch down and it's already looking gorgeous. I think to myself, Well of course it's gorgeous. After all, Miriam took it. I continue scrolling and I come to this little speck that appears to have a striking resemblance to your husband. Weird. I continue and then this whole little family is revealed and what do you know? They look exactly like your family. And I ask myself, Who are these people, and why do they look exactly like Miriam's family?! And then I continue scrolling, find out about the fabulous Hernan, and suddenly start to feel just a little bit crazy.

Hernan is amazing. Your family is adorable.