Friday, June 19, 2009

weekly guy

so maybe this is the second photo in a row of boy child sleeping, but can you blame me? watching him sleep is like confession (i imagine, since i'm not catholic and have never confessed): the weight of life lifts from your shoulders and you feel a closeness with god. anyone who doesn't believe me is more than welcome to come over and try it out. a warning, however: if you wake him up, you take care of him.

things to be noted about this picture:

a. his old man pajamas. i'm thinking he needs a pipe and some slippers to really bring it all together, but the effect of the pajamas alone is adorable.
b. note the white marks on the upper left hand corner of his crib. that's where he chews it. did i mention he was teething? aside from the chunk he took out of my FINGER, those are our most physical evidence (other than the teeth, of course). he is now sporting eight baby teeth, four on the top, four on the bottom.
c. the beautiful morning light coming in the blinds. i love sunshine.

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