Friday, June 5, 2009


this morning ava wanted braids. "two braids," she told me, turning her back so i could brush her hair.

later, when we were at the park swinging on the swings, i looked over at her and saw this girl pumping her little legs, wearing her little braids and i was just so struck by her.

i am her mother.

then i looked down at seth, who was trying to eat the chain the swing was attached to, and i saw his little chubby fists, his little row of white teeth growing in (thus the attempted chewing on evrything) and again, i was just so struck.

this mothering gig is the most experience of my life, it is so consuming. and i am just so grateful i've been able to experience it. it is so fulfilling, so challenging, so exhausting, so lovely.

and so we sat on the swings, ava looking up at the sky and telling me about the babboon and his red bottom and me trying to keep seth from falling off the swing. it was good. i was their mother and they were my children.

it was a little moment and it was a good one.


Amber Marie said...

very sweet. i love it. you are so great with words. i like your new header too. and i am still giggling over your line, 'it's like the church unknowlingly breeds the biggest geeks ever.' i've gotta use that one sometime. too funny. of course your husband is the one reading the encyclopedia...i'm just sayin'.

redstarmama said...

When I turned around to smile at Greer in the car this morning (on the way to Declan's kindergarten graduation, a milestone in itself), I didn't see my baby. I saw a little girl. With long legs, and a curly ponytail and opinions. And she was beautiful. And I know exactly how you feel, and I love it, too.

Tyson and Heather said...

i love it, i love that you recognize and appreciate those moments:)!