Tuesday, June 16, 2009

“wouldnt it just rock and roll if liking someone meant they had to like you back? of course that would be a different world, and something else would

i felt a litle sad last night as the last pushing daisies episode ever came to an end.

seriously, what was abc thinking shutting that show down? have you seen the other garbage on that channel? hav you?

so no more chuck, no more ned, no more emerson cod and olive and the darling mermaid darlings. . .

it ended leaving me unsatisfied. but maybe that's just me. what did you think? and more importantly, what are we going to watch now?

“well that idea just made a stupid idea feel better about its self.” -emerson cod


Manda said...

Rumor has it they're going to make a movie.

Shante said...

Ok, so I was a little confused with the 3 random episodes that had nothing to do with the finale a couple months ago (i.e. chuck's dad running off) Then I realized they used these 3 random episodes to lead up the a finale for the show ending. I liked how they ended it with everyone being happy and tying up loose ends...but at the same time I was so sad that it was really the end and it did leave me wanting more. It was a bitter sweet ending for me.

What to watch? Quite frankly I'm not sure. Nothing will be like Pushing Daisies again.

Jennifer said...

I loved the show. So sad it's gone. I didn't really feel like it had an "ending."

taradise said...

Wait - it ended? I mean, I know it was canceled, but I thought it was left dangling. It still makes me really angry every time I think about it.