Thursday, July 23, 2009

sweet baby tears


Megan said...

Such a sad face, but so cute. Great picture.

Morgan said...

Oh Miriam, I love this picture! It makes me so sad, but that's just why I love it! It conveys so much emotion. And beautiful lighting. So gorgeous!

P.S. Your baby is so unbelievably adorable. I'm thinking you must have already known that.

miriam said...

i was thinking something more along the lines of 'what kind of a mother would see her crying baby, take a picture of him and post it on the internet to share?'

thanks for thinking otherwise.

morgan, i do think he's adorable, but every mother thinks her babies are adorable. it's nice to know i'm not delusional with love :)

Amber Marie said...

that is an awesome picture miriam!

and i've posted numerous pics of camilla we are the same kind of mother I suppose.

The Strong Family said...

I love this pic! And yes it is not just you, he is absolutely gorgeous!

Liz said...

I'm that mother.

Here's proof.