Thursday, July 9, 2009

and the other's gold

last night i went out and had a real-deal girls night out. as embarassing as this is to admit, i think that was my first legitimate girls night out since ava was born. and, in a month that girl will be three years old. can you believe that?

it didn't happen on purpose, of course, but it happened. and this morning, i am a renewed woman.

so i sat around with my friend. she let me take pictures of her and then we talked about politics, god, michael jackson, race, photography, intelligence, passion, marriage, growing up. . .and we laughed and talked and laughed.

and ryan called and said, "don't worry about coming home in a hurry, take your time. i know you two like to talk."

i love my friend. i love her brain and i love her amazing good looks and i love her spirit. i also love the fact that last night i quoted her to herself.

and i love my husband. for too many reasons to list here, but mostly for all the same reasons that i love my friend.

it was a good night.


taradise said...

Oh Bird, I love you too.

Freckles said...

Girl's nights are good for the soul! And I love these pictures!!! Fantastic! What is your new camera?