Wednesday, July 15, 2009

we went to the park

to make the posting of this picture (which gave me hours of laughter) more fair, i will post one of mine.

this time of year is my favorite by far. when ryan comes home in the evening there is enough daylight to go out and play. and trust me, no one plays like a daddy. ava can't get enough of ryan. when he leaves for work in the morning she begs him not to leave. i need to work on being more fun, i think. she doesn't beg me not to leave!
these evenings lately have been filled with trips to the park or sitting out in the backyard on a blanket, or long walks. i love the length of the days, i love the sunshine, i love the activities that all seem to pop up everywhere.
summer is my favorite.


Amber Marie said...

camilla doesn't beg me not to leave either. i had the same thought yesterday as I watched them play- i am so boring compared to daddy!

Manda said...

I'm excited to come home!
I'm going to come over and play. :)