Friday, July 31, 2009


so i posted an engaged photo session that was really a family, and i'd thought i'd throw some family photos on here, a portfolio of sorts until i get the real thing going.

i met jenalyn when my parent's moved to where we are currently living when i was about seventeen and a half. if i hadn't been homeschooled and if the move was more than fifteen minutes away, this would have all been very devastating. jenalyn was in my early morning seminary class and, when we both weren't totally bleary eyed from lack of sleep, we'd chat.

and then we were young single people and we were getting together at the cheesecake factory to eat avocado egg rolls and talk about boys and school and future plans.

and now here we are, holding our babies against our hips, discussing things like exercise and breastfeeding, marital bliss and what we're making for dinner that night. and darren is a good dad. he's funny and kind and mellow--perfect for jenalyn and perfect for baby liam.


The Boss said...

These are so cute! And what gorgeous eyes little Liam has.

Louise said...

So cute! Good job Miriam!!!!

The Held Family said...

These turned out GREAT!!! I scared my kids when I yelled out 'HE'S SO CUTE!' on that last picture of Liam! I'm glad that you and Jenalyn are friends :) She's my favorite sister! :-) (don't tell anyone....) :-) hehe

The Held Family said...

I just scrolled through your blog (ok, just two months) and I've gotta say, I LOVE your picture!!!! I love the color and quality and the antique ones, etc, etc., etc!!!! Really cool and fun! Love what you are doing here.