Tuesday, September 15, 2009

guess what? people take me for granted

it was a loooong day. and i was going to get ava into bed if it killed me. we began with the teeth brushing, moved onto the overnight diaper (i asked, "do you need to go potty before we put this on?" ava replied, "no!" with extra sugar on top), read two stories, avoided being roped into reading two more, sang some songs, said some prayers, climbed into bed, snuggled with sixteen stuffed animals, discussed the day's events and, just when i was about to turn off the light and skip down the hallway, ava said, "mom? i have to go to the bathroom."

and i deflated into thin air just like that.

"what?" i protested, my voice rising with panic. "but you have a diaper on! and i just asked you if you needed to go potty and you said you didn't!"

my mouth felt a little dry as i thought, "mother of freaking pearl, i just might have to do that whole awful bedtime routine AGAIN."

ava seemed to take my protests into consideration. i considered begging her to go in her diaper, despite the fact that i specifically trained her not to do that. "well," she said, calmly, having just reached a conclusion, "ask me again."

i did it. i don't know why. i knew the answer. "ava" i asked her weakly, "do you have to go potty?"

"yes, mom," she said as she slid out of bed and out of her pajama bottoms, "i do."

so i washed my hands of the situation, stomped down the hall and drowned my sorrows in a chocolate cupcake and some sherlock holmes via my iphone. dude, did you know the guy was a serious cocaine addict? i know, right?

ryan ended up taking pity on me and wrapping up the whole ava into bed thing. thank goodness.

please, someone remind me why we have children.

also, doesn't that show flash forward on abc look amazing? i'm so ready for good tv again. it's been too long.


Amber Marie said...

Same, exact thing happened with mine last night...except my ryan didn't step in- i'll have to mention this story to him.

and flash forward does look very cool.

Shante said...

I am sooo excited for flashforward. Especially since it has two losties in it. It's supposed to be the next "Lost"...we'll see if it measures up.

The Strong Family said...

i agree about the whole tv thing. I am so into tv, it's totally my vice. or one of them anyways......crazy bedtime routines ahh! thankfully my kids usually beg for mike so he does it.