Wednesday, September 23, 2009

this is mostly for tara, but others may apply

so, fringe. anybody watch the season premier? don't worry, i'll totally ruin it for you.

because that season premier just may have ruined the show for me.

seriously? shape shifters? isn't that a little too sci-fi channel? okay, whatever. but what about the shape shifter shifting so quickly into charlie and then magically getting rid of the body and stripping it of its clothing and producing the body of the nurse? and what about the fact that when shot directly in the back, the shape shifter didn't even flinch, but kept running with obvious super human strength? or the fact that the shape shifter has super human strength and yet was working really hard on choking olivia dunham? and it didn't even work.



peter's still on the show: +5
walter's still on the show and he wants to make custard while performing an autopsy: +5
new girl is sneaky and can break into the fbi's top secret website with a mere moments pause and a secret code she has somehow managed to get: -3
the car crashes and olivia's nowhere to be seen, then she suddenly flies through the windshield as if from nowhere: +9
broyles (i have no idea why i like him. to be honest, it's his creepy face i imagine when i'm up in the middle of the night tending to children and it's that face that makes me turn on all the lights as i go): +3
astrid's new hair: -1
the fact that walter called her "asteroid": +2
lame shape shifter: -7
extra body that no one can explain: -10
the fact that real charlie has no clothes on when shape shifter charlie goes to burn him: -7
there's a bad guy in the fringe science ranks: +6
the speech charlie gives olivia: +5
charlie's dead: -10
broyles and redhead kissing: -4

total: -7

anyone else?

altogether, i give it one, big, grumpy BOO!! i've been WAITING for that show all summer long! naturally, i'll be watching it this week. it had better improve or i just might have to do another one of these entries.


Brittany said...

OKAY...this is so funny. We watched the show as well and like to pretend that it is like X-Files. (Our favorite family show of the nineties:)) I can only say that the parts that you love...are the reason that we will be watching again this week in hopes of something near crazy happening. And by the way, Broyes is in our book the creepiest alien looking person of all times!

Manda said...

You know, I'm not really surprised at all the weird things that seem too scifi for this show. The director is JJ Abrams, the same guy who did Lost...and Lost is waaaay weird. I'm still going to watch the show, since I like it a lot. I'm really sad that Charlie's dead, though. :(

redstarmama said...

I have yet to see an episode, but we plan to Netflix the first season because we heard it was so good. Now I've slightly ambivalent. Hmmm.

Mari said...

I'm totally with you on all the shape shifter nonsense! I was talking to Tyson about it right after the premier and complaining about how it let me down. I'm hoping fringe makes a comeback for me!

taradise said...

HELLO i was totally thinking the same thing. Thank you for the points break down, because it helped clarify some of my huge dislikes.

And CHARLIE?! DEAD?! I almost cried. I'm so mad at JJ Abrams right now, because I thought he could do no wrong. And I just adore Peter and Walter and Olivia and "Asteroid" and I feel so let down.

Sigh. I had a bad feeling with the season finale, but I was hoping the premiere would be more a la mid-season-one. So - I empathize with you.

I'm in Chicago but I'll come over when I get back, so we can really discuss this disturbing issue.