Thursday, September 10, 2009

weekly mouse

ava's first birthday party for someone else was this last weekend. it was little greer's princess party, where ava was allowed to attend in her princess garb. obviously she was so excited she over accessorized.
it was a good party, with princess crown making and princess necklace making, both of which ava took very seriously. very seriously. but the best part about this party is that greer is a hambly offspring. and hamblys are many things that i really love, but the best part about hamblys is this: their food. when you are born a hambly you are born with many gifts. you are funny. you enjoy good music. but best of all, you can make good food. and i think it transfers over when you marry a hambly, because jenn is a hambly by name and she's got it. oh boy, does she got it.

so i ate. and ate and ate and ate. and then i had a cupcake which was so good i had to close my eyes while i ate it. . .

ava doesn't really know about all of that. she mostly just concentrated on making a necklace and eating the frosting off of her cupcake. and i know that this "weekly mouse" post has deviated from the usual ava talk and has landed somewhere in the midst of praising to high heaven some people you don't even know, but she looked really cute, don't you think?


redstarmama said...

You are too, too kind, and I was and continue to be so glad that you and Ava came to the party. She makes an adorable princess!

And that you liked the food and the cupcakes.

We must get together during Thanksgiving week. M-U-S-T!

Morgan said...

How adorable is she. Seriously.
And I think I need to make friends with these Hamblys. They sound too wonderful to be true.