Thursday, September 10, 2009

weekly guy

when ava was but a young lass, i refused her sugar like any self respecting, over-protective, mother-of-one would do. and she didn't have any until she was about a year-and-a-half. then i had seth. and i tried again. and i was doing pretty good, too. until one day i saw ava offer her popsicle to her younger sibling. he took a lick and you could see the exclamation point form over his head.

"WHAT IS THAT? WHERE DID YOU GET IT? WHERE'S MINE? CAN I HAVE ONE? GIVE ME ANOTHER LICK!!!" and then he was jumping and clawing and attacking ava ferociously and then she was screaming.

"MOM!! SETH'S BUGGING ME!!!" but i can't say that i responded quickly because she's always saying that. always.

now boy child is getting his own popsicles these days. granted, i break off a major portion of it, but still, he's holding it all by himself and this pleases him.


Amber Marie said...

even with the slobber, i can't decide if I really want to go eat a popscicle or your son!

Steve Fischler said...

Just saw your blog.

Yes "Poor Elijah" was Eric, Delaney, Bonnie and Dave at their best with Whitlock on harmonies in that acoustics version going around.

I work for the estate of Delaney Bramlett. I am the promotions director of their record label, Magnolia Gold Records. Delaney released a Cd last Jan. 08, "A New Kind Of Blues". Delaney passed last Dec. 27th.

Keep the music alive .. oh, and your baby is adorable!


Catherine Hess said...

Once they have sugar, they can never go back, right? :) I'm sure Peter will introduce Jackson to sugar much sooner than I want. But what can you do...especially when it keeps 'em nice and quiet!

Your kids are SO stinking cute, Mir! I can't believe how quickly they grow.

Brittany said...

I know that this has nothing to do with your post, but I am dying to see what you have learned in the belly dancing class...can you instruct us all?

alfrhnsby said...

Funny ..!

Ashley said...

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Cameron said...

Adorable. I love the "I got exactly what I wanted" gleam in his eye. Besides some coconut at a parade this summer, Roan hasn't had any sugar yet... we'll see how long that lasts.