Friday, September 4, 2009

happy birthday to my dad

that strapping young man is none other than my father, carlisle, the man seth (carlisle) is named after. and today is his birthday. which means that i will share a story that will be potentially embarassing to him. . .let me think. . .

got one!

i know my mother must have put me to sleep at night, but i really only remember my dad doing it. this meant that he sang me a few songs, told me a few stories and tried to stay my many attempts at postponing bedtime. one time i whined for a drink of water. my father replied:

"open your mouth and pretend that it's raining and the rain is pouring into your mouth and you're drinking it up and now you're not thirsty anymore."

do you know what i did? I TRIED HIS RIDICULOUS IDEA!! and guess what? it didn't work. i tried to inform him of this, but i'm pretty sure he did what i do to ava almost every night, which is this: the moment i offer my final idea and am finally completely deflated from the day's events and my child is of course not, she starts her rebuttal and i hop up suddenly and high tail i for the door, offering all of my best and most loving fareweel's for the day.

"good night! see you in the morning! i love you!"

before ava can protest, the door is shut and i am in the living room, panting and ready for a mug of ice cream. i can only imagine my father and i shared the same experience.

so dad, happy birthday!


taradise said...

Happy birthday Carlisle! That's a great story - and a trick I intend on trying on my unsuspecting child as well.

Lizzie said...

Happy birthday, Miriam's dad!