Wednesday, April 9, 2008

all about the manly (and me)

engagement picture

his name:
ryan. or rodge. or manly. or anchor, on here.

Who asked who out first? I can't really remember if there was any asking out. ryan's sister sort of arranged everything. i was friends with her and we were sitting in the family room with ryan and she was talking about how she wanted to go on a date with a guy ryan knew. she said, "call him up and invite him to go on a double date. i'll go with him and you go with miriam." so we did. and then we just all became friends (the four of us) and hung out all the time. except ryan and i held hands. a lot.

How long have you been together? married almost 3 and a half.
wedding day, december 29, 2004

How long did you date?
total time from our first date being arranged to marriage: 8 months. we were engaged for 11 weeks.

Who kissed who first? ryan kissed me. on the beach. it was really sweet.

Who eats more? i have no idea. sometimes it's me. especially when i'm at the beginning of being pregnant and am ravenous. ava out-eats us both.
the night before we got married

Who said I love you first?
i did. it was an accident. i didn't know i was going to say it, it just popped out.

Who is taller? ryan.

Who can sing better? me. but ryan sings ava the bobbit's song every night before she goes to bed.
coming home from work

Who is smarter?
i know people separate things into book smarts and street smarts, but i'd say that ryan and i are both smart, passionate people. this is a very good thing (for us) because it means that we talk a lot to each other about things we are interested in.

Who does the laundry? i do. ryan doesn't like laundry. when we were first married and shared the housework more equally, he sort of melted in to the background when laundry time came out.

Who pays the bills? hah! i pretend to be dead when we have to talk about money. the best part about having a husband is that now i don't have to pay attention to my financial anything.
san francisco, 2006

Who mows the lawn?
we have no lawn to mow. but my guess is ryan. it seems like something he'd just accept as his responsibility.

Who cooks dinner? i do. and i like doing it (mostly).

Who drives? i am a bad driver. so ryan drives.
holding ava for the first time, august 11, 2006

Who is more stubborn?
this makes me laugh. not only are ryan and i very passionate, we're also opinionated and stubborn. both of us. and we like to be right. i'm better at apologizing, but i'm always the one that responds with more emotion.

Who proposed? actually, i accidentally did. i wanted to find out if ryan was going to ask me to marry him so i could plan my next semester correctly. we were living states apart and i wanted to know if i should move to utah or stay in california. i didn't know how to find this information out without just asking straight out, so i did. i asked, "are you going to marry me?"

Who has more friends? me. i'm just better at keeping in touch with people. having said that, i stink at keeping in touch with people.
the directpointe christmas party, 2006

Who is more sensitive?
me. i'm the girl. i emote in a girlish fashion.

Who has more siblings? me. i'm the oldest of six, he's the oldest of four.

Who wears the pants? i hate this question, but i'll answer it anyway. i think ryan and i both come to the table assuming that we're wearing pants. it works well for us.

the day we found out i was pregnant with baby number 2, san luis obispo

i tag anyone with a sweetheart who hasn't already done this (twice would really be too much, don't you think?)


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