Friday, April 25, 2008

monarch of the sea

ladies and gentlemen:

this weekend i will be on a cruise with just my husband and no child. i'm excited and apprehensive (mix that with hormonal and i'd guess that ryan's not going to have as much fun as he anticipates). i hope we don't die because of a rogue wave in the ocean that knocks our boat upside down and drowns us all. other than that, this is going to awesome!

see you monday!


Liz said...

Don't think you'll die. I'll pray against that rogue wave. :) Hope you're having fun!

Manda said...

I've revived my blog.
Let me know how your trip went!

tara said...

How does a weekend cruise work? Sounds awesome to me.

Freckles said...

Have fun on your maiden voyage! Sounds so fun!